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    • When does alimony stop in Florida?

      Alimony can stop in Florida by agreement of the parties at any time. Alimony also stops when the alimony obligation is ...

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    • What is rehabilitative alimony?

      Rehabilitative alimony is often use to establish or re-establish a persons ability to become self-supporting. Either ...

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    • What impact could my dating have on post-separation support and alimony in Florida?

      Your dating should have little, if any, impact on post-separation or temporary support. However, your dating, if you end ...

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    • My ex-spouse threatened to file for bankruptcy. What happens to my Alimony payments in Florida?

      Alimony is a nondischargeable obligation in bankruptcy. What that means is that if your spouse files bankruptcy or ...

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    • If a spouse remarries, does this terminate his obligation to pay alimony in Florida?

      When your ex-spouse remarries, if they're paying you alimony this does not alone terminate their obligation to pay ...

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    • I lost my job and cannot afford my alimony payment. What can I do?

      The first thing is keep looking for a job. The second thing is file the appropriate motion with the court. You can file ...

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    • How does marital fault affect alimony in Florida?

      Florida's a no fault divorce state, which means only one party needs to think the marriage is irretrievably broken for ...

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    • Who pays taxes on spousal support in Florida? The payer spouse or the payee spouse?

      Generally, the person receiving the alimony will pay the taxes on the alimony because they have to declare it as income ...

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    • What if my ex-spouse is delinquent in alimony payments? What can I do in Florida?

      If your ex-spouse is delinquent in alimony payments in Florida, you can first try talking to your ex-spouse and see if ...

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    • Are there different types of alimony in Florida?

      There are different types of alimony in Florida. There's temporary alimony, which is where the parties agree, or the ...

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    • Can a court award two kinds of alimony at the same time in Florida?

      In Florida a court can award two types of alimony at the same time. The common scenario is where the court orders ...

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    • Can alimony be modified or terminated in Florida?

      Can alimony be modified or terminated in Florida?

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    • Can a person insert an anti-modification-of-alimony clause in the property settlement in FL?

      If the parties agree that there should be an anti-modification clause placed into their marital settlement agreement, ...

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    • Can a person limit their exposure to alimony by having a prenuptial agreement in Florida?

      Yes, a person can limit their exposure to alimony with the use of a prenuptial agreement. However, it's important that ...

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    • Can I renegotiate the length of time I receive alimony in Florida?

      If the other party is willing, you can renegotiate the length of time you receive alimony in the state of Florida. You ...

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    • Can men seek alimony in Florida?

      Men can seek alimony in Florida. The courts treat men and women equally under the law. The court will look into the ...

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    • Can my ex-wife collect back-alimony when she did nothing about my non-payment for years?

      Usually your ex-wife can collect the back alimony even if she's done nothing for a few years. If it's been a significant ...

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    • Does my ex husband have to continue paying alimony if I am now living with another man?

      The short answer is maybe. Usually alimony is terminated upon the remarriage, death, or the entering into of a ...

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    • How does a spouse's earning capacity affect alimony in Florida?

      A spouse's earning capacity is one factor that the court looks at in determining whether or not to award alimony, and if ...

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