Divorce after the Holidays

While the holidays can be a time for family celebrations, it can also be tremendously stressful when the prospect of a divorce looms just around the corner. According to a study out of the University of Washington, divorce rates may spike just after the holiday season. Researchers looked at 15 years of divorce records starting in 2001 and discovered a clear pattern. They found that the rate of divorce begins to increase drastically after the Christmas holiday, reaching a peak around February. A second spike was also seen occurring around august, just before the holiday season begins.

Why Do Divorce Rates Increase?

While the study does not establish a direct link between any one cause and the results of the data, there are several possible explanations. One reason, known as the “broken promises” theory, may be that couples enter the holidays, using vacations and celebrations as an opportunity to give their relationship one last chance. When things do not change or the holidays do little to improve a relationship or resolve existing problems, the experience may be viewed as the final straw in marriage.

Another theory involves the added pressure and anxiety of the holidays. Between coordinating family get-togethers and making last minute preparations, the Christmas season can be stressful on its own. Add in a troubled marriage and it could be enough to push a couple past the breaking point. Additionally, spouses who have decided that their relationship is beyond repair may elect to wait until celebrations have ended to bring up a divorce.

The study also looked at data from online searches, tracking the results of phrases including “divorce” and “child custody” across the nation. They found that the rate of searches for or related to divorce saw an increase that corresponded to surging divorce rates after the holidays and again in august. To read more about this study, visit the University of Washington’s website.

Legal Help for Divorcing Spouses

While a divorce can be one of the most difficult and trying experiences that a family can go to through, you do not have to navigate the process alone. Whether you need guidance with issues such as child custody, the division of assets, or alimony, the Law Offices of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. is here to help. Our lead Brandon divorce attorney has been helping families in Florida to reach their goals since 1988.

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