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At Barnett | Gill, our seasoned legal team is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and support in property division matters, ensuring our clients in Brandon receive the adept representation they deserve. When protecting your interests and securing a fair distribution of assets, Barnett | Gill stands as your steadfast legal ally.

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What is Property Division?

Property division is a pivotal aspect of family law that comes into play when couples dissolve their marital ties. It involves the equitable distribution of assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage. These assets can encompass a broad spectrum, from real estate properties and financial accounts to personal possessions and investments. The objective is to achieve a fair and just division that considers the unique circumstances of each case.

How Is Marital Property Divided in Florida?

The general rule in Florida regarding dividing property is that marital property will be split equitably, with each spouse keeping his or her separate property. While the shared assets are divided equitably, this does not mean a 50/50 split; property will instead be divided fairly to both parties, to be determined by each couple's unique circumstances.

Marital property is anything acquired during the marriage, including:

  • Joint bank accounts
  • Marital home
  • Family businesses
  • Retirement accounts
  • Benefits
  • Shared assets

Our legal team has in-depth experience with divorces that involve high assets and significant wealth at stake. We have the resources to uncover hidden assets and the financial acumen to resolve complex property disputes involving high-value businesses, properties, and investments.

Property Division Process in Florida

The property division process in Florida typically unfolds in several stages, each demanding a meticulous approach:

  • Identification of Marital Assets: The first step involves identifying and classifying assets as marital or separate. Marital assets are subject to division, while separate assets typically remain with the original owner.
  • Valuation of Assets: Accurate valuation is crucial in ensuring a fair distribution. Our legal team collaborates with financial experts to assess the value of real estate, investments, businesses, and other assets.
  • Negotiation or Mediation: In many cases, spouses can reach an agreement through negotiation or mediation, avoiding the need for a protracted courtroom battle. Barnett | Gill excels in alternative dispute resolution methods, striving for amicable solutions and prioritizing our clients' interests.
  • Court Intervention: Court intervention becomes necessary when agreements cannot be reached. Our experienced litigators at Barnett | Gill are adept at presenting compelling cases in court, advocating for our clients' rights and interests.
  • Finalizing the Division: Once a resolution is reached, whether through negotiation, mediation, or court decision, the final step involves formalizing the division of assets. Our legal team ensures that the settlement is accurately documented and legally binding.

At Barnett | Gill, we approach each property division case to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. Our extensive experience in Florida family law allows us to navigate the complexities of property division with skill and precision.

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A divorce can be challenging enough, but having to decide on property division can make an already stressful situation worse. When it comes to dividing property, spouses tend to disagree on what should be divided and how.

We understand that couples can have emotional attachments to certain items and that each spouse has his or her idea of a fair division. At Barnett Gill, our team can provide sound and balanced solutions to property division disputes.

If you need assistance, consult a Brandon property division lawyer for guidance. Our legal team can review your situation and advise you on moving forward as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. 

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