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If your future looks uncertain, you are worried about how your divorce will affect your children, and if you fear it will severely drain your finances, you can turn to Barnett Gill, P.L. in the Tampa-Brandon area.

Attorney Thomas P. Gill, Jr. is known for his compassionate approach to family law, helping clients achieve peaceful results that save everyone involved from needless stress, expenses, and delays.

"I always tell my clients that one day they will wake up and realize that a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and they will learn to be happy again. The stress that comes with divorce is inevitable, but it's not forever." - Tom Gill

How Can A Divorce Attorney In Brandon, FL Help Me?

A divorce lawyer will be next to you to address any questions that you may have and to help ensure that you have all of the legal advice and support that you need during this challenging time.

A divorce lawyer can help you by:

  • Filing your paperwork and making sure that it is completed correctly
  • Helping you avoid mistakes that could potentially cost you time or money
  • Helping to ensure a smooth divorce process for both parties
  • Being there to support you emotionally
  • Providing you with important legal information to protect your rights
  • Representing you if your divorce case gets taken to court

Contact our divorce attorneys in Brandon, FL today to learn more about how we can help smooth the divorce process and to schedule aconsultation.

Why Choose Thomas P. Gill, Jr.?

  • Serving individuals and families since 1988
  • Trusted by thousands of clients
  • Passionate and encouraging approach

Our family law firm in Brandon, FL, can help you start your new chapter on the right foot. Divorce lawyer Mr. Gill offers a balance of skill, empathy, and compassion to each client, aiming to resolve your case swiftly and efficiently.

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Florida?

No, since Florida is a no-fault divorce state, it does not give either side a legal advantage or disadvantage whether you filed first or did not receive end-of-divorce papers.

At Barnett Gill, our Brandon family law firm understands how demanding divorce can be. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive legal representation for all clients in the Brandon/Tampa, FL. As a result, you can confidently approach the case when you work with our law group. 

As your Brandon divorce lawyer, Mr. Gill and his team provide years of practicing family law experience and individualized representation for every case we take. Please don’t hesitate to speak with Mr. Gill to find out how we can craft a legal strategy tailored to your short- and long-term goals.

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Residency Requirements for Divorce in Brandon

If you wish to file for divorce in the Tampa area, you must first meet a residency requirement. The requirement stipulates that:

  • Either you or your ex-spouse must have been an FL resident for at least six months before filing

To qualify as a Florida resident, you must maintain a legal residence for at least six months. A legal residence is not just a house – it’s a permanent home. A Florida driver’s license, for example, is not enough to qualify as proof of residency. If you try to file without meeting the residency requirement, the court may not accept your case or dismiss it.

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How Much is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Florida?

Typically, courts in Florida will divide marital property 50/50 unless there are grounds why an equal split would be inequitably unfair. According to the divorce law in Florida, all marital property is subject to equitable allocation.

How Many Years Do You Have to Be Married to Get Alimony in Florida?

A Florida judge can order a spouse in a long-term marriage of more than 17 years to pay alimony permanently. This alimony obligation lasts until one party passes or the recipient's spouse remarries.

Compassionate Guidance for Each Aspect of Your Case

Getting legal representation as soon as possible following any family-law-related charge is the best way to encourage a favorable result from an ensuing trial. Only an experienced Brandon Divorce lawyer can successfully defend your case.

No case is too complex for Mr. Gill’s legal team. Whatever legal difficulties you face, his dedication is to helping you navigate each step, protecting your rights, and promoting a stronger future for you and your loved ones.

Far too many divorce lawyers market themselves as bulldogs in the courtroom, aggressive advocates who can “win” their clients’ divorces. But no one truly wins when an emotionally charged process ratchets up in intensity and hostility. You deserve to have a legal advocate who works to avoid litigation, someone who will instead seek to mediate or negotiate a swift, amicable, and cost-effective resolution so you and your family can move forward. 

Hire a Legal Advocate for Your Brandon Divorce Today!

You can find the compassionate counsel you need at Barnett Gill, P.L. Discover how our firm can be of service today.

At Barnett Gill, our firm can confidently provide the comprehensive divorce representation you need to navigate your proceedings. Our firm understands how difficult divorce is and wants to assist you in expediting your case in any way possible, securing an optimistic outcome for you in all the terms of your agreement. 

Call (813) 305-0353 or contact us online to request your consultation. We are ready to discuss your options with you.

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