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Hear from our clients about their experience with the Law Office of Thomas P. Gill, Jr. Our Brandon divorce attorney has been helping clients navigate some of the most difficult life circumstances for 30 years. Our team is hands-on and approaches every case with compassion. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody issue, or other family law matter, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your situation in a free consultation. Attorney Gill returns calls personally.
  • I will surely be referring Mr. Gill and contacting him for relevant legal services in the future!
    Mr. Tom Gill was extremely helpful in his free phone consultation. He had the office call back the very next morning after I left a message with an answering service, and he called back himself that very afternoon. He was very attentive and listened well to my detailed situation and concerns. Very thorough explanations and clarified when I had questions. He gave me a referral when we determined his services were not going to be relevant for the matter at hand. I will surely be referring Mr. Gill and contacting him for relevant legal services in the future!

    - Tony

  • Great Law Firm
    Thomas Gill he is the best attorney, he has done my divorce also some other personal matters. He is very straight forward if he can’t handle the case nor the situation he will get you the information to contact someone that is able to assist in that particular field. He always tell don’t worry about it it will work out.. I am a loyal clientele he’s firm is awesome and very friendly.

    - Sandra

    Seffner, FL
  • My sanity restored
    I don't know where to start. Mr Tom Gill and his assistant Jana are amazing!! My home was in foreclosure and I was struggling to keep it, but with the help of Mr. Gill and his team of wonderful people I was able to save my home!! I thought it would be a long process and stressful, but neither happened. I was able to call them whenever I had a concern or was freaking out and they immediately and patiently helped me and calmed me down. Mr. Gill helped me keep my sanity and stay stress free through the whole process! I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me! I never had to use a lawyer before, but he will forever be my go to guy. Thank you Mr. Gill and Jana for everything!

    - Nicole D.

    Valrico, FL
  • Great family practice.
    I gladly can say I have known Tom for over 10 years. I have sought out advice from time to time and he is always prompt and detailed. I have also been referred once to an attorney outside his firm, and another time to an attorney in his office. In my opinion some firms take any and all cases but don't have expertise. Tom has expertise in many areas and I appreciate when someone says this is not my area, but I can recommend a professional. I also used Tom's office for a family law probate issue. Tom's wife, Lisa, and staff are very professional and quick and efficient. I have been procrastinating adding some legal documents to my portfolio but as soon as I make time I will be using Tom Gill's office, and I would not think of going anywhere else.

    - David

  • Best lawyer in town.
    Mr. Gill assisted me in a very difficult time of my life. He answered/returned every phone call I made to him. He never rushed me and took time to answer all of my concerns. Knowing my financial situation, he executed a successful strategy that also conserved my money. I have met with other lawyers in the past and never felt as comfortable as I did with Tom Gill. I refer him to all my friends. He is the best lawyer I know.

    - Bonnie

  • Happy Dad!
    Mr Gill and his legal team were amazing. They represented me in my maternity/time sharing case, and I couldn't be more thankful for everything they did for not only me, but for my family as well. From the very beginning, Mr. gill and his team bonded with me and made me feel like they were taking my case personal ans every time I called or emailed they always made me feel like my case was of the utmost importance. Tom's personal testimony made an instant personal and emotional connection with me. I gained respect for his honesty and integrity. His first instructions were his continuous instructions, "stay calm, be patient, and above all, Be Nice!" His team walked me through some of the roughest days, when my daughter was kept from me. Thanks to Tom and his team, I have a split time sharing parenting plan, I actually get my daughter over 50% of the time. I would gladly refer people to Tom and his amazing team.

    - Joseph

  • An attorney of his word.
    I got referred to Tom Gill through a friend of mine that had used him and was happy with his services. Being skeptical, I had already used two attorneys in Tampa since 2009 and was not getting the results I wanted in my case. I felt I wasn’t being listened to and the attorneys were just taking my money. I met with Tom Gill in 2013 and told him my situation with attorneys in the past. Tom, was honest and straight forward speaking with me and wanting to flight for my child custody case. Tom Gill and his staff were beyond words involved at all times, answered my questions, returned my phone calls within a few hours and made me feel comfortable on my case. I finally felt that there was hope at the end of the tunnel and they truly cared. 2014, my case was closed with the outcome I was hoping for since 2009. Words can’t express how grateful I am to Tom and his staff for changing my daughter and my life.

    - Cristina

  • Turned my life around.
    I came to Mr. Gill in the lowest point in my life. I worked with two lawyers before I was finally referred to him. My divorce was dragging on for 3 years before I hired Tom to do my case and it was the best decision I have ever made. With two 8 year old sons, I had specific requests and goals for my divorce and Mr. Gill understood exactly what my objectives were. Every time I had a question, he would answer it right away, or return my call that day. He picked up my life that was once in shambles and turned it around quicker than I could have imagined. I refer all of my co-workers, family, and friends to him. I'm thankful for what he did every day.

    - Evan

  • Highly recommended.
    I was very pleased with this law firm. They were very helpful, informative and a great pleasure to deal with.The entire staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone that wants professional and positive results. I was kept informed about my case and was very pleased with the results.

    - Michael

  • Kind, patient, christian lawyer.
    Tom helped me with my bankruptcy. He made the process so easy for me. It was a difficult decision, but Tom patiently answered all my questions and gave me the perfect advice along the way. He was a godsend when I needed him the most. I was referred to him by a judge who attends my church. Quite impressive to be referred by a judge, but the judge was right. He said he was the only lawyer he would refer anyone to based on his ethics.

    - Linda

  • Excellent Lawyer
    Tom handled my divorce. I always felt that Tom was on top of my case; did what he had to and billed me fairly. There was no game playing, just good professional law work.

    - Dave