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Are there different types of alimony in Florida?

There are different types of alimony in Florida. There's temporary alimony, which is where the parties agree, or the court order is temporary alimony to try and maintain the status quo during the pendency of litigation. There is rehabilitative alimony, which is designed to rehabilitate a party's earning capacity so that they are better able to support themselves and their minor children once the divorce is over. There's permanent periodic alimony, which is designed to be paid month after month, year after year, usually until a party remarries, dies, or enters into a supportive relationship as defined by the Florida statutes. There's durational alimony, which is designed for a set period of time, could be a number of years, could be a matter of months. Then there's bridge-the-gap alimony, which is designed to bridge the gap from being married and living one lifestyle to being single and living a lower lifestyle.