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  • Bankruptcy
    • Are homestead houses protected in bankruptcy?

      Your homesteaded house is an exempt asset under the bankruptcy code. Therefore, it's protected so long as you pay your ...

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    • Are there debts that I cannot discharge through bankruptcy?

      There are various debts that are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. For example, most taxes are non-dischargeable, but ...

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    • Can a bankruptcy filing help me get back my suspended license?

      In certain circumstances a bankruptcy filing can help you get back a suspended license. For instance, where you've been ...

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    • Can I discharge medical bills in bankruptcy?

      The good news is medical bills are dischargeable in bankruptcy. Unfortunately, medical bills are a major reason that ...

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    • Can I get bankruptcy relief from my student loans?

      Generally student loans are non-dischargeable, which means absent a hardship your student loans survive a bankruptcy and ...

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    • Can I get credit after bankruptcy?

      Yes, you can get credit after filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy actually helps repair your credit because all the old bad ...

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    • Can I keep my car if I file for bankruptcy?

      If you're making payments on your car and wish to continue to do so you'll be able to keep your car in a bankruptcy. If ...

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    • Can I lose my IRA, 401k, or other retirement accounts in bankruptcy?

      IRA, 401ks and other retirement accounts are exempt assets in bankruptcy. Therefore, you get to keep those when you file ...

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    • Can I repay debts owed to relatives before filing for bankruptcy?

      Generally, you should not repay debts to relatives before filing a bankruptcy. However, there are certain limited ...

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    • Does a previous bankruptcy prevent me from filing for bankruptcy again?

      A previous bankruptcy may not prevent you from filing a bankruptcy again. Usually if you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy ...

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    • Does my spouse have to file bankruptcy with me?

      Your spouse does not have to file bankruptcy with you. However, if the debts are joint debts, your spouse should ...

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    • How does my divorce affect my bankruptcy?

      Generally that would depend on whether you're in the process of getting a divorce or you're already divorced. If you're ...

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    • How do I choose a bankruptcy attorney?

      When choosing a bankruptcy attorney, you should first look at the attorney's qualifications and experience. You should ...

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    • How do I determine if I should file for bankruptcy?

      That's a difficult question, but usually I ask my clients, if you would stop using your credit cards today, would you be ...

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    • I am thinking of filing for bankruptcy. Should I file before or after I file for divorce?

      In determining whether you should file for bankruptcy before or after you file your divorce, you should discuss unique ...

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    • I declared bankruptcy before. When can I file again?

      Usually, when you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, eight years must pass before you can file another one. However, during ...

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    • I do not have much money. Why should I hire a bankruptcy attorney instead of filing myself?

      The main reason to hire an attorney when filing bankruptcy is convenience. A lawyer has the education, training, and ...

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    • Is there any advantage to paying some of my creditors?

      Depending on the circumstances, there may be an advantage to paying some of your creditors. For instance, if you want to ...

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    • What do I have to disclose about my finances in a bankruptcy filing?

      Short answer is you have to disclose everything about your finances in a bankruptcy. You have to list all of your assets ...

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    • What if I cannot afford a bankruptcy attorney?

      If you can't afford a bankruptcy attorney you're certainly free to file a bankruptcy on your own. However, that may ...

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    • What if I want to pay some of my creditors?

      You can pay some of your creditors while filing a bankruptcy, but the question is: Why would you want to pay those ...

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    • What is a 341 hearing?

      What is a 341 hearing? A 341 hearing, also called a meeting of creditors, is a meeting where a debtor sits down with ...

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    • What other assets are protected in bankruptcy?

      There's a variety of assets that are protected in bankruptcy. These are referred to as exempt assets. Exemptions include ...

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    • What should I wear to the 341 hearing?

      You should wear comfortable clothes to your 341 hearing. It's important not to look like you've just rolled out of bed, ...

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    • Will bankruptcy remove a lien?

      There are certain situations where bankruptcy will remove a lien. For instance, if there is a judgment lien against your ...

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